Actu iPhone 7

Pre ordered iPhone 7 cheaper than retail price

It’s almost official, rumors led us to believe that the iPhone 7 will be cheaper if pre-ordered.

The company from Cupertino is used to the pre-ordering system which was very successful with the iPhone 6. Few days after the Keynote where it was presented, clients could pre-order it on and get it delivered in the Apple store of their choice.

What are the perks for us?

First of all you are sure to get an iPhone on the release date and avoid the risk of the store being out of stock. Second you don’t have to wait for days in front of the closest Apple store. It is actually kind of sad to see people lined up just to buy a phone even if it is the best in the world. Third you avoid the shame being the first one to drop the iPhone 7 on internet. Remember him?

Upfront payment to pre-order

For the iPhone 6 customers only had to pre-order it online. Futur owners of the iPhone 7 will have to pay it upfront before the release.

The motivation of the change is easily understandable, the cashflows generated by the pre-orders will allow the company to make very profitable investments even in a short period of time. The pre-ordering system should be activated two weeks before the actual release of the iPhone 7.

What about the price?

The price of the iPhone 7 should as usual a little bit more expensive than the previous one. We do not know the exact price but it should be between 750$ and 800$.

We heard a rumor lately saying that if pre-ordered, the iPhone 7 should be cheaper than the retail price. Apple is well aware of the importance to create a buzz. If customers are able to pre order-it they will talk about it, share it,… The buzz generated will reinforce the sales.

Clients who will pre-order the iPhone 7 will receive a significant discount, around 10% of the price. This discount will allow the iPhone 7 to stay competitive with equivalent smartphones with a retail price more important. It would be the first time Apple use a price argument in its sales speech.

What are the other evolutions or revolutions coming from our favorite tech manufacturer?